Client: Huntsville Utilities

List of Completed Projects:
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Farley 161/46 kV Substation

Kim Hensley
Mike Counts
(256) 535-1306

Engineered modification of adding three 161/46 kV transformers, circuit switchers, low-side bank breakers and implimented a throw over scheme between transformers in case an outage of one transformer in an existing 161 kV switching station.

Physical, Relay and Control Design, secured material through manufacturers, secured Control House and panels, managed construction and commissioned the station.

Jet Port 161/46 kV Substation

Kim Hensley
(256) 535-1306

As-built an existing 161/46 kV substation.

Field verified the existing scheme at the substation, and drafted all the new drawings by Elecrical Engineers.