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Inspection Services

Our inspectors will be responsible for auditing and inspection of work performed by the construction contractors for compliance to the contract specifications and drawings, performance of specific inspections and tests, and audit report preparation. inspection work will be available throughout the US. QA/QC experience in the areas of high voltage (12 KV-500 KV) substation and transmission line construction inspections, materials sampling, inspection and testing.

  • Oversee contractors on substation projects on construction worksite
  • Read/Interpret all types of electrical drawings and recording information
  • Research drawings and investigate site conditions to ensure safety
  • Track/Document costs such as: labor, equipment, materials, and unit costs
  • Track and document project status
  • Communicate with clients regarding scheduling and scope change
  • Consider/Document compliance requirements of each project
  • Foster a safe work environment by exhibiting a commitment to safety
  • Conduct safety tailboards for contractors
  • Ensure projects are up to PG&E standards by quality control and assurance
  • Conflict resolution while working in a team/stakeholder environment
  • Interpret contract language and specifications
  • Plan and submit clearances for substation projects