PLS-CADD Orientation


PLS-CADD is the industry standard in overhead line design and drafting software. This course will teach the attendee how to use PLS-CADD on na project from start to finish, including importing survey data, criteria development, structure design, conductor sagging and Plan & Profile drawing development and plotting.

Topics covered
  • Orientation of PLS-CADD
  • Survey Data & Terrain Modeling
  • Generating Construction Documents/li>
  • PLS-POLE integration with PLS-CADD & overview of Tower
  • Assessing existing lines for rerating & uprating
  • Use of Finite Element Sag-Tension when ruling span is not acceptable

Engineering is also covered in the PLS-CADD Orientation. Here are some of the articles covered under engineering:

  • Design Criteria
  • Sag-Tension Calculations
  • Clearance Calculations
  • Structure Calculations
  • Manual Spotting & Stringing
  • Automatic Spotting