Top Management Team

Mike Noori - Contractual Authority, Project Manager

Mike Noori is CEngS' Expert Engineer & Senior Project Manager and cofounder. He has over twenty seven years of utility experience with the last nine years with CEngS. He started his career as Test Engineer and moved to area planning engineer and later to substation project management. Mike has worked in multiple aspects of transmission and distribution substations. Mike has Professional Engineering Licenses in multiple States including Puerto Rico and has acquired his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Mike is the CEngS Project Manager for substation projects as well as Engineering Services. Mike has managed for the past five years line projects to assure process compliance from design to completion. Mike has manages material packaging for 12kV, 25kV, 46kV, 115kV, 161kV, 230kV & 345kV substations. Mike has managed multiple system planning studies in United States for transmission owned as well as transmission served utilities. The planning studies have included such tasks as system modeling, growth modeling, coordination studies, short circuit studies, due diligent studies, etc. Mike has also managed the interconnection of over 30 generating facilities ranging from 1.8 MW to 25 MW to utilities. Mike Noori holds Bachelors of Electrical engineering and is IEEE substation subcommittee member. Mike is also an IEEE approved substation and planning instructor

Frank Noori - Contractual Authority, Project Manager

Frank Noori is CEngS' Senior Transmission & Distribution Line designer and cofounder. With over nine years of experience utilizing PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE & PLS-TOWER software. Frank manages CEngS' team in line projects from its initial line feasibility studies & route selection to its commissioning. The team of Line Designers can oversee all aspects of our client's phases including initial survey, design, procurement, contracts, construction management, staking, inspection & as-builds. Frank has managed over 30 major Transmission & Distribution Line Design projects in just the past 5 years ranging anywhere from 1 mile to 30 Miles in Southeast United States, Caribbean, and Central America. Some of the projects included T&D Line civil and structural design and Project Manager ranging from 12kV to 345kV; Line optimization including structure, equipment and conductor recommendation; Specifications and contract documents including any sub-contract QA and QC; Supervise Construction, staff on projects, project budgets and project management; and Code enforcements of NESC, RUS, IEEE, NFPA, ASCE, ACI, ANSI, etc. Frank Holds Bachelors of Math and computer science with extensive continuing education in Transmission Power design. Frank is also an instructor for transmission and distribution Line design

Archibaldo Clealand - Project Manager

Archibaldo Clealand is CEngS Senior Engineer & Project Manager. He has over fifteen years of electrical engineer field practice and ten years of utility experience. He has worked in multiple aspects of transmission lines & substations projects to assure process compliance from design to completion. The experience of Archibaldo reaches project management of international projects with 50 million Dollars budgets for 15kV, 46kV, 69kV, 115kV, 138kV, 230kV & 400kV substations & Transmission Lines. Archibaldo received his university degree in the Panama Technological University. He speaks fluent Spanish and English and has experience utilizing PLS-CADD, AutoCAD and Microsoft Office software’s. Also he has served as professor in the Panama University and Panama Technological University and has received courses and training from different organization as the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers, Power Line Systems, University of Louisville and Panama University.