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Project Inspection References

Contact: David Wethington, 910-219-1893
Contact: Marty Strickland, 919-632-4506

Projects responsibilities include but are not limited to--environmental reports, material request, project engineer change request, over see contractor safety, Progress energy specs. Are followed, material return, field reports, request hot line tags, Hold hot line tags, hold line clearances, conference calls and as-built design.

Project# 20077426
Rockingham/West End 230kv

Inspected the Following:

- New transmission line between Rockingham and West End, 38 miles in length
- Wire size 1590 bundle
- 3 to 4 miles of double circuit 1272 and 1590 bundle
- Steel pole construction 1 to 3 poles per structure
- Direct embedded and self supported structure
- Most new r/w some existing

Project# 20074040
Havelock 230kv Substation Capacitor Bank

Inspected the Following:

- Capacitor bank was complete
- Fine grading ,adding rock, seed and straw area

Project# 20078557
Sutton Plant/ Castle Hayne 230kv Line Relocation

Inspected the Following:

- Relocate pole line for the Sutton Plant repowering project from fossil fuel to natural gas
- Remove 3 structure add 5 steel structure 1272 conductor

Project# 20079112
Sutton Plant 115kv and 230kv Yard Sub Surfacing

Inspected the Following:

- Locate and expose all underground lines and utilities
- Use ground penetrating radar to locate and jet vac to expose lines
- Purpose was to rebuild or add structures in yards for the repowering of the Sutton Plant from fossil fuels to natural gas

Project# 20076584
Sutton Plant/ Delco 115kv Line

Inspected the Following:

- Add switch and add raise lines for the Wilmington Bypass
- DOT project
- 3 steel structures and 1 switch

Project# 20066459
Apex US #1 Regency Park 230kv raise Line Western Wake Freeway

Completed the Following:

- Remove 6 structures add 7 steel structures, 1272 conductor raise lines for DOT I 540 Bypass

Project# 20076582
Brunswick Plant Unit 1 / Wallace 230kv line

Inspected the Following:

- DOT Wilmington Bypass
- Raise lines remove 2 structure add 2 steel structure, 1272 conductor

Project# 20076581
Brunswick Plant Unit 1 /Jacksonville 230kv

Inspected the Following:

- DOT Wilmington Bypass
- Raise lines remove 2 structure add 2 steel structure ,1272 conductor
- All this work was done hot

Project# 20078448
Storm Work

Inspected the Following:

- Clinton Ferrell St, Feeder structures down
- Clinton Vander 115kv line structure down

Project# 20063076
Holly Springs Industrial Tap

Inspected the Following:

- Adding new line and 2 new switches out of substation
- Worked on this for only 4 days after storm while Mike Rohr was in
- Raleigh on storm repair

Project # 20076579
Delco / Sutton 230kv Line

Inspected the Following:

- DOT Wilmington Bypass
- Remove 6 structure and replace with 8 steel structures to raise line for Wilmington Bypass
- 1272 conductor