What We Provide:

Custom Engineering Solutions design, planning and maintenance are critical to ensuring the continuous supply and quality of electric power service. CEngS can handle every aspect of substation design, from permitting and site planning, to equipment procurement, construction co-ordination and substation maintenance services. Whether you require new construction, minor upgrades or a major overhaul, the experienced team at Custom Engineering Solutions has the expertise to get the job done on time and within budget.

Transmission Stations:

These services include generation switching stations, transmission stations 500kv and below. We will secure industry leaders for your needs. Our Engineers are ready to work with your scope-of-work and provide you a menu options and proposal based on your needs.

Project Management:

Custom Engineering Solutions administers all the project contracts as a focal point for the owner. CEngS can support our client with project need, alternate solutions, location, cost justification, documentation, and project presentation. Because we will pass the cost through with no mark ups, this will save our clients time and money. CEngS will stay involved in the project until our clients have secured all the applicable approvals. This also allows CEngS to act as an expert witness when required.

Physical Design:

Custom Engineering Solutions provides station layout that meets your requirements. CEngS provides site-specific design. Custom Engineering Solutions will define major material, material specification, Civil design and purchasing support. Through our alliances or local resources, CEngS will secure surveying experts for your location. Custom Engineering Solutions can provide facility visual impact study and recommend any plan adjustment. CEngS can modify your existing prints for any station modifications.

Electrical Design:

Custom Engineering Solutions can provide its in house protection and control package or modify our packages to include your preferred manufacturer. CEngS will communicate with manufacturer reps, include their prints, and assures their control scheme will meet your requirements. CEngS will provide all the wiring diagrams and verify the protection and control schemes are compatible. CEngS can modify your existing prints for any station modifications

Materials Procurement:

Due to our large volume purchases and excellent relations with our suppliers, we can provide timely and cost effective material deliveries. We have material coordinators on staff that provides a vital link with the manufacturers during material production and delivery. Use our vast experience to obtain materials needed for any scale or component of a utility project. Given bill-of-material or engineering specifications, our group uses its many resources to have materials sequentially ready for construction-especially vital in preventing delays and keeping projects on schedule.

Construction Management:

Custom Engineering Solutions will use internal staff for any and all inspection resources to conduct construction audits to assure construction quality on substations, transmission and distribution projects. This optimizes the client resources and brings accountability to the contractors. Custom Engineering Solutions has extensive experience in the design and management of transmission, sub-transmission, switching systems, substations and distribution systems. We work closely with our clients to identify their specific requirements and implement cost-effective solutions for the high-performance and reliable operation of their power system.

Substation Services:
  • Project Management
  • Planning Scope
  • Permits
  • Grading & Erosion
  • Foundation Design
  • Physical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Material Procurement
  • Physical Packaging
  • Electrical Packaging
  • Construction Mgmt.
  • Material Inspection