Training & Audits

Operational Training:

Custom Engineering Solutions can give your new employees an overview of electrical systems from generation to distribution. Students will learn single lines, protection schemes, transformers, and safety issues. Students will also gain an in depth understanding of electrical components in an electrical substation and lines. CEngS can customize its operational training on your system based on your components. We will conduct this training at your location.

Electrical Training:

An electrical, protection and control design begins with development of a preliminary single-line diagram, indicating the bus arrangement and major equipment such as power transformers, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, disconnect switches, capacitors, instrument transformers, etc. General information regarding metering, SCADA, relay interconnections, and communications may be included. The final protection and control scheme for the substation should be presented on a relay and instrumentation single-line diagram that is based on the substation protection and control philosophy, as well as the recommendations of IEEE Standards Collection C37.

Civil Training:

Custom Engineering Solutions can give your employees an overview of NPDES and SPCC regulations. This is an informative session for both internal and external employees. Students will also gain an in depth understanding of these regulations as it applies to electric utilities.

Operational Trading:

Custom Engineering Solutions can perform an evaluation of the electrical system. CEngS will document system weak points, switching operations, loading, and any capital improvements. Custom Engineering Solutions can provide equipment maintenance plans and manage the associated contracts. Some examples are:

  • Load Shifts

This study analyzes loads in a specific area. It will include circuit loading, distribution station, coordination study, and recommended solution.

  • Circuit Analysis

This includes both field and analytical study of a particular circuit. It will include circuit loading, coordination study, operating procedures, clearance, and recommended solutions.

  • Operating Instructions

Custom Engineering Solutions provides our clients with operating instructions, single line, and switching procedures on all the substations.

  • Work Order Instructions

Custom Engineering Solutions will inspect your Distribution and Transmission lines for any construction and material defects as well as any NESC or RUS violations.