Task Management Team

Cathy Howell - Task Manager

Cathy Howell is CEngS' Senior Protection and Control Engineer and Team Leader. She has over twenty years of utility experience with the last seven years with CEngS. She started her career as Test Engineer and moved to relay protection engineer and later to control design. She is very familiar with both Electro-mechanical and Micro-processer relays and protection scheme and has extensive work experience with Schweitzer relays. Cathy manages CEngS' team of engineers and associates in system protection for substation projects. This includes Performing short-circuit and coordination studies; calculating relay settings; and preparing study reports. Her team creates detailed electrical designs which include single-line, three line, and elementary diagrams as well as completed control panel wiring and connection. Cathy and her team of experts are experienced in transmission station modifications, new 115kV, 138kV, 161kV and 230kV relaying scheme utilizing line, bus differential, transformer protection schemes. Her experience includes designing of 115/46kV, 161/46kV and 230/46kV sub-transmission schemes.

Jerry Haynes - Task Manager

Jerry Haynes is CEngS' Senior Field Engineer, Inspector and Team Leader. Jerry has over twenty five years of design and inspection experience which started with a Coop utility in west Georgia. Jerry has been with CEngS for the last eight years where he and his team manage CEngS' field activities including Transmission, Distribution, Underground Lines and Substation construction and inspection. Jerry has extensive design experience with Underground Distribution and Transmission in all aspects including conductor, Conduit and transformer sizing. Jerry and his team support the team of engineers with all aspects of field data collections and verifications such as inventory, surveying and structure staking in both Line and Substation projects. Jerry and his team have conducted field training for utility employees to better understand the design performed by CEngS.

Mo Rahimi - Task Manager

Mo Rahimi is CEngS' senior planning & SCADA electrical engineer. Mo has extensive experience with Electrical software packages such as ETAP, SKM, Schweitzer accelerator, Subnet and Survalent. Mo also manages CEngS' Substation steel and physical packaging. Mo has taken the lead in design of several substation projects. This includes preparing full physical plan view and detailed views, grounding, conduit and foundation detailed drawings. Some of his responsibilities include: grounding calculations, conduit and wire sizing, substation electrical designs including single-line, three line, elementary diagrams as well as point to point panel wiring and connection drawings

Amir Khaje-Noori - Task Manager

Amir Khaje-Noori is CEngS' senior test engineer. Amir's extensive experience includes twenty five years of electrical substation relay and protection testing. Experience in testing and commissioning of Control and Protection Relay Scheme for Distribution and Transmission substations up to 500kV. Extensive knowledge on various type and make of Protection Relays such as Distance Protection, Current Differential, Auto recloser etc. Undertakes commissioning activities to customer specification on the range of plant and equipment within their competence including completion of appropriate test documentations.

John Phadongsy - Task Manager

John Phadongsy is a CEngS Mechanical Engineer with over eight years of mechanical engineering experience. He has worked on multiple projects from Industrial, Municipal, & Commercial to assure process compliance from design to completion. John received his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technologies from Southern Poly-tech & State University. John speaks fluent Thai and English and has experience utilizing PLS-CADD, PLS-Pole, AutoCAD, Bentley, Micro-Station, Syteline and Microsoft Office software. Also he has received courses and training from different organizations such as ASME, ASHRAE, ASPE, OSHA, MEP, Hydraulics, PET & Manufacturing Engineers. John has been involved in multiple distribution and transmission project from concept design to commission ranging from 12kV to 161kV.

Clyde Hardigree - Task Manager

Clyde Hardigree is CEngS' Substation Maintenance and Inspection Coordinator Manager. With over 30 years of experience, Clyde has strong experience in substation equipment maintenance and operation engineering. Clyde provides technical assistance to field personnel in operation and repair of substation equipment as well as analyzing failures and providing detailed recommendations to actions required to eliminate problems in future. Clyde and his team can produce catered specifications and standards as well as performing design reviews. Clyde can prepare inspection sheets tailored for utilities to be used for its Inspectors during monthly or bimonthly substation inspections as well as multi-year preventative maintenance scheduling. Clyde is also CEngS' instructor and trainer for Substation Maintenance and Inspection.

Adriano Cedeno - Task Manager

Adriano Cedeno is one of CEngS’ Electrical Engineer with over ten years of electrical engineer field practice. He has worked in multiple aspects of substations projects to assure process compliance from design to completion. The experience of Adriano reaches international project for substations of 15kV, 46kV, 115kV, 230kV & 400kV. Adriano received his university degree in the Panama Technological University. He speaks fluent Spanish and English and has experience utilizing AutoCAD and Microsoft Office software’s. Also he has received courses and training from different organization as the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers and Columbus University.